Zombies and Cosplay

Earlier in the week I posted a blog and podcast about the Eurogamer expo last weekend. In the blog I mentioned a zombie makeup artist doing promotional work for Dead Rising 3.

Jason Wright is the Creative director for 'Silent Studios'; who describe themselves as a "PR Promotional Photographic and Production Team that specialise in extreme horror and gore".

The zombies I saw were looking great (great as in very dead and gory). Jason Wright certainly takes pride in his work. He excitedly explained to me that all the zombies at the expo were based on the zombie characters from the new Dead Rising game (He was most proud of the zombie with a saw blade stuck in his rotting torso).

I've added Jason to the list of 'awesome people I've met this year'; a list that resides only in my brain (zombies would love it).

The whole zombie team seemed to put all their effort into the show and had a great time freaking out the crowd. I'd love to be involved in that actually, I'll put myself out there now ... need a free zombie extra at any time? ... I'm up for it! (I'm being DEADly serious).

If you want to know more then check out the Silent Studios website.

But there wasn't just a horde of professional zombies ... there were also a whole bunch of cosplayers in the crowd. Cosplay (short for costume play) is basically all about dressing up like your favourite fictional heroes.

So I thought I'd do a list of my favourites I saw at Eurogamer 2013.

Joint 3rd place - If anyone can tell me what the first one is meant to be then let me know ... some sort of space bride? Anyway, I liked her conviction. The second one is Harley Quinn from Batman, I liked the fact that she kept getting hassled for photos but nobody wanted her boyfriend in the picture, also I liked that I couldn't get a photo with her eyes open. The final one is DC's Deathstroke (I used to have a girlfriend that I gave that nickname).

cosplay runners up

2nd Place - Earthworm Jim costume, simply because it took me back to my youth ... Groovy. The other guys in this are good too (scarecrow and female joker). They can be runners up too.

cosplay earthworm jim

1st place - Goes to the Judges from 2000AD's Judge Dredd. These guys were much fun.

cosplay judge dredd

Can you beat these cosplay guys? Then send me a picture on the Smolemon Facebook page or to @smolemon on twitter.

Posted by: Smolemon at 15:08:08 4th Oct 2013


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