It Is True

I've always been creative, even from a young age.

Seriously, I can prove it!

When I was at my mum's house over the weekend I found an old school workbook full of stories I had written when I was 10 years old.

I have decided to share my favourite story with you (with the original spellings and grammar intact). The following story is called ...

..."It Is True"...

"Well what happend was, I woke up and there was a knock at the door so I went down stairs and there was two men at the door

One was tall and thin and he had black hair and the other one was short and plump with brown hair they looked very soureos. But I opened the door and let them in. they got out a drill from there pocket and started to drill a hole in my wall right under the telephone table and they knocked the wall out then pulled out a picture and siad this is the famous wriggle bottom and then they left.

The picture had a boy on a chair at school whith a red stress ball in his hand.

When I set of for school down a greate I saw a blue and green flashing light so I lifted the grate up and saw a big brown monster whith flashing blue eyes and a supens tale. The monster cheasd Me all the way to Doncaster and back then he got tired and went down a grate."


Now, I don't remember if any of this story is true or not. I mean I don't remember any of it happening. Maybe I repressed the memory of letting two strangers in my house who proceeded to drill my walls and show me the famous wriggle bottom?

Just how did the Wriggle bottom get famous in the first place?

If this is a repressed memory ... I think it's best staying that way.

It Is True: an original story by 10 year old Gareth Monaghan

Posted by: Smolemon at 21:46:41 10th Oct 2013


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