Del Amitri and Justin Currie

1983: Glasgow, Scotland ... Justin Currie puts an advert up in a music shop to get musicians for his band and founded 'Del Amitri'. The band gained a following on the local music scene, and were picked up by a record company after appearing on John Peel's show on BBC Radio 1.

1985: 'Del Amitri' releases their debut album (... and I was born. Coincidence? Yes).

1992: 'Change everything' is released, reaching the number two spot in the UK album charts. Just being beaten to the Top Spot by Lionel Ritchie (Bet he was dancing on the ceiling when he heard the news! ... sorry).

1995: The single 'Roll to me' is a success in the United Kingdom and an even bigger success in America (at a time when UK bands were struggling to break into the American charts; the song appeared in the US Top 10).

This was the year that the band started to be a big part of my life. My mum heard 'Roll to me' and decided to buy the album. From then on, during every family trip out, I was forcibly made to listen to a cassette tape on a constant loop (Cassette tapes, if you can't remember, are like MP3s but trapped in a plastic coffin). Instead of rebelling, the music grew on me. Since then, their music has connections to many amazing memories from my life (more on that later).

2002: The band goes on an indefinite hiatus after the release of their sixth studio album, 'Can You Do Me Good?' (Which is probably my favourite album by the band).

2007: Justin Currie releases his first solo album and begins touring (singing his solo songs and acoustic versions of 'Del Amitri' classics).

2013: Since the release of his first solo album, I don't think Justin has stopped touring! He has a dedicated fan base and knows his audience. I have lost count of how many venues I have seen him perform.

Justin Currie has been on tour again recently. He has been promoting his new album, 'Lower Reaches' (Available on Amazon). It is his third solo studio album ... and it's great, give it a try if you haven't already.

Justin Currie and Del Amitri discography

Earlier, I mentioned memory connections with 'Del Amitri' ... here are few examples:

'Life is full' - Car journeys with the lads to weekends away

'Spit in the rain' - My Dad and his air guitar around the living room

'Tell her this' - Sat in the attic, learning how to play guitar

Most of all ... 'Del Amitri' and Justin Currie, simply reminds me of my Mum, because she loves them so much. If she can see a show, then she will, and she listens to his music a lot (not to mention the hours of DVD and YouTube footage she enjoys with a glass of wine).

At his show in Harrogate last week, Justin kindly organised after show passes for myself, my mum, and our friend Peter (a huge fan of Mr.Currie) to meet him. It was like Mum's dream come true, and to see my family happy is the most important thing for me, so this was a fantastic thing for Justin to do. I really appreciate it.

We spoke about the new album and his upcoming 'Del Amitri' reunion tour (Tickets available now!). He says that the time seems right for a reunion. Though fans of his solo work need not worry, he says he won't be stopping, just giving it a rest while he concentrates on the reunion; there is more to come from Justin Currie in the future (My Mum was very happy to hear).

Mum said she was glad he wasn't a n*b head (always a worry when you meet your heroes), Though she need not have worried. He was an absolute gent, with a wicked sense of humour. It was an honour to meet him.

Follow Justin on Twitter: @thejustincurrie

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Buy the newest Justin Currie album, 'Lower Reaches' from Amazon (other vendors are available)

Buy Tickets for the 'Del Amitri' reunion tour from See Tickets (other vendors are available)

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