'Elysium' Review

One film that stands out to me as a game changing piece of science fiction over the last decade is 'District 9'. So when I heard that the writer and director of 'District 9', Neill Blomkamp, had another science fiction film coming to the cinemas ... I got a little excited.

To get me even more tantalised ... the trailer looked fantastic and the story sounded like it would be delving into some truly interesting territories.

The film follows Max DeCosta (Matt Damon) in a dystopian future where the earth is overpopulated and Mexican (for some reason) ... meanwhile, a Utopian satellite for the super wealthy elite (the titular Elysium) floats above, out of reach of the poor. When Max is involved in an accident (with a radioactive oven for robots?) he has nothing left to fear ... and decides he's going to live the high life (literally).

Visually; the film doesn't disappoint. It looks glorious! The rotating 'Halo' style ring that is Elysium looks magnificent. The robots that inhabit this world are amazing ... I have no idea how the graphics could be so good, I'm still unsure if they were real or computer generated. Wonderful.

Unfortunately, the visuals were the only thing I could find amazing about this film.

The story of Elysium in muddled and ... well ... it's pretty dull. I found myself wondering when something exciting would happen, and when something exciting did happen it was poorly done and over quickly. The 109 minute run time felt like 3 hours.

The script is convoluted and preachy, with no clear direction on what the message is. There are some interesting moments that appear sporadically but they are quickly rushed off in favour of talks about Meerkats or some nonsensical political dribble.

I felt nothing for the Matt Damon's character, I didn't dislike or like him ... he was just ... there, I guess. Much like the other characters in 'Elysium' ... they are all a bit naff, with no real motivation.

Sharlto Copley did a great turn as 'Agent Turner', but what starts as a fantastic character that gets more brutal and interesting as time goes on; reaches a peak and the descends into pantomime bad guy before the end of the film.

Wagner Moura as 'Spider' was the only stand out supporting character that grows and feels natural, but he is not given enough screen time.

Speaking of screen time ... William Fichtner (a favourite of mine) seems like he is set to be a big ol' baddie (what he does best) but he is quickly pushed to one side in the first act and never given a chance to shine (the only action scene he is involved in has him strapped in a chair looking bemused for the duration).

Jodie Foster ... I can't even be bothered to finish a sentence abou

'Elysium' is visual treat but all style and no substance ... a dull as dishwater, disappointing follow up to 'District 9' and a missed opportunity. Worth a watch for the graphics but worth avoiding for the script.

Elysium review

Posted by: Smolemon at 23:44:55 28th Aug 2013


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