Top 5 Movie Gates

Every little part of a movie can make or break a great bit of entertainment ... but some things get higher recognition than the rest.

The humans that made the film get loads of attention, even the made up monsters and creatures get people raving about how awesome they are. I was even nattering on about how good the sounds were in 'Kick-Ass 2' last week.

Other things don't get as much recognition ...

The catering company filled up the actors stomachs with quality food and not once do you hear a mention of how full the actors looked. We don't give recognition to the humble napkin that must have wiped the mouth of many performers before the camera rolled. Have you seen how many films have desks with paperweights on them? I never ever see paperweights in the credits and they did a perfectly good job (of, erm, weighting paper?).

These are only a few examples! Without these things ... the movie industry would be in total anarchy!

Well I thought it was time one thing that has been overlooked for many years came forward and took some credit for making movies a little bit better ... the humble gate.

So, without further ado (because I know for a fact you are just desperate to know) I give you ...

... My Top 5 movie gates (with some possible movie spoilers)...

Gate #5: The Exorcist

I'm not even sure this gate makes an appearance in the final film or not ... but if you look closely at the iconic poster for the film ... the gate is in the spotlight, and some pesky priest turned up and got in the way. It is obvious that the gate is in fact the titular Exorcist in this poster ... which leads me to believe that the film was changed in post-production to have a human priest perform the exorcism. When will the film industry realise that audiences will accept a gate as their lead protagonist?!

The Exorcist gate

Gate #4: King Kong

This gate adds an extra layer of mystery to a movie classic. Why does a giant ape, that can climb the empire state building (whilst holding a screaming woman in one hand) with ease, not just climb the wall surrounding the gate? Does he enjoy using the gate or something? I always see this gate as a type of 'blind date' reveal for Kong and his blonde sacrifice (and I bet they don't meet again after that first date).

king Kong gate

Gate #3: Labyrinth

After going the wrong way for most of the films running time (don't take navigation advice from a worm in future, or you'd have gone straight to that castle) Sarah finally reaches a massive gate that will take her into the Goblin kingdom ... and the gate turns into a f*cking kick ass muppet Goblin controlled robot gate and attacks her whole gang, slowly, with a ginormous weapon (and I'm not even talking about David Bowie's codpiece)!

Labyrinth gate

Gate #2: Stargate

More of a stable wormhole generator than a gate ... but it's called Stargate so I get to add it to this list. I don't know if a garden gate would have had the same effect as a sideways, glowy, water wall anyway. It can take you to another planet where you can get licked by a spacecow (an item on more bucket lists than you would imagine, probably).

Stargate gate

Gate #1: Jurassic park

Yep, of course it's Jurassic Park!

Just look at that majestic gate ... it holds the dreams of every child (and child at heart) behind its massive wooden frame ... it screams out "I've got dinosaurs ... come on in" ... and my god, I would, as this would be the gate to my own personal heaven. Welcome to Jurassic Park!!!

Jurassic Park gate

I wonder how long they leave those flames on for ... the gas bill must be massive (spared no expense).

Do you agree or disagree with my list? Can you think of anything else that deserves a bit of recognition? Leave me a message!

Posted by: Smolemon at 23:55:31 21st Aug 2013


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