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17th Jul 2011

Comic Companion: Riot

Take ten people, one of this group is a creator... the rest destroy or expect something for nothing. Yes, I've gone all topical and political this week! I don't need to tell you that England is going down the poop pipe faster than prunes in a retirement home.

Rioters have been in the streets this week for some reason or another (looting for sports cloths it would seem) but what has it really achieved? At least it might finally highlight how out of touch the government is when it comes to the current state of the country.

That's enough riot talk- lets move onto...


Now, people of Middlesbrough, before you lynch me or burn me as a witch – Can I just say... I did't mean to offend. I used to live in Middlesbrough, I still have some wonderful friends there, and I know you can get mind altering substances at rock bottom prices – I see what you like about the place.

Middlesbrough has come a long way in the past 10 years (trying to rejuvenate the town, hold festivals, and create a hub for art) but the fundamental problem is the addicts, thieves, muggers, Skesis, etc. It is a real shame that for every good memory I have – there is a bad one caused by these low lives.

Good – walking home from the Empire nightclub on new years day morning and skating along the ice with my good friend. Nights out at the Crown, cheap alcohol, dancing. All good memories involved getting really drunk for about a pound a pint actually!

Bad – Man stabbed on our door step. Robbed by a couple of teenagers. Working girl stole my housemates pizza. Being punched by a taxi driver.

The people who live in Middlesbrough are proud of Middlesbrough, But they also hate the place. Personally, when I lived there, I defended it with gusto but deep inside I knew I hated coming home from a long weekend and thinking myself lucky that I hadn't been robbed.

I will go back and visit soon, and no doubt I will have a fantastic time and maybe even change my opinion of the place, but if I don't make it out alive – tell my family I love them and I was just looking after those 'things' for a friend.

Posted by: Smolemon at 16:24:45 14th Aug 2011

Comic Companion: Roadkill

If you follow my Tweets then you will know I had a visit from a hedgehog this week, fed it some chicken, then watched it run off into the night.

At first I thought it might be a Crite from the Critters franchise – but no such luck (dreams really don't come true). I'm not saying I wish that I'd get attacked by porcupine like alien convicts – I have just been brought up by Hollywood and crave the unusual, fantastical, and downright crazy.

It was exciting seeing a hedgehog that was alive for once, I drive a lot and I've probably seen as many tyre flattened creatures as the author of "Roadkill Cuisine" (Seen but not I eaten, I hastily add).

If you are ever planning a long, early morning drive – why don't you play the "guess how many dead animals will be on the road game" (I'm working on a snappier title). Basically, you get in the car with 2 or more players and place your bets. Hours of fun!

This weeks comic strip has a hedgehog planting a trap, simply because I think it's about time they got a bit of revenge. Though I just realised that the hedgehog left without picking up the bill for the chicken. Freeloader!

Posted by: Smolemon at 19:54:16 7th Aug 2011

Comic Companion: Bad Tooth

This weeks comic revolves around teeth and a conversation that takes place between them.

I've had a lot of trouble with my teeth in the past.

I had pretty good teeth until the day I bit my Dentist's finger, then he seemed to drill every tooth in my mouth. Odd that. He put it down to the excessive consumption of fizzy drinks, I put it down to him not liking being bitten by sticky, sweet smelling children (not on the finger anyway. Zing!).

A root canal last year was definitely a bad experience – people who say it doesn't hurt are filthy liars. Literally pulling the nerve endings out of the centre of your tooth like the legs off a spider isn't going to be a pleasant experience.

Inspiration for the strip came to me after my girlfriend complained her tooth was bad and she was in a lot of pain.

I could have helped her but I was too busy drawing comics and drinking a coke.


Posted by: Smolemon at 00:26:33 25th Jul 2011


A few months ago I promised a redesigned website and that's exactly what I've got for you.

Welcome to the new and improved Smolemon.

I will be uploading fresh comic strips weekly so be sure to visit (or subscribe). In the future expect bonus strips during the week and some exciting guest artists/writers.

I will leave you to take a look around but let me know what you think via Facebook, Twitter, or comment button.

Posted by: Smolemon at 22:31:05 17th Jul 2011
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